Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lunch for $9 and a lifestyle change

I am turning over a new leaf now that the birthday calendar has turned over a new year and it's been a long time coming. My friend Chris gave me a "happy 3(1)" card which was sweetly "accessorized" with more candles...

We briefly experimented with a vegetarian lifestyle this summer, which went over fairly well, and now it's time to change things up even more. In an effort to eat healthy and turn my life back to active - approaching the six week mark since my plantar fasciitis procedure - it's time to make some wholesale changes.

The first is lunch. No more spending $9 a meal for a salad and diet coke. No more diet coke. This week's lunch will be pot roast, carrots and pearl onions ... simmering away in the crock pot in the kitchen right now. The whole shebang set me back about $9, not including the rosemary from the farmer's market. Five lunches for about two bucks a day isn't bad.

If I get tired of it by Tuesday, we can have it for dinner ...the tricky thing Is that the rest of my meal planning this week revolves around fish, a no-go at the office.

Other changes will be no sugar, no gluten and no dairy for the next 100 days... My hope is that it becomes a habit but I'm also interested in how it makes me feel. I have started drinking tea since my cough resembles that of a habitual smoker, a lovely leftover from being deathly ill over my birthday and thanksgiving week.

Back to the gym (and physical therapy) tomorrow. Can't wait. More recipes on the way this week.