Friday, May 25, 2012

Messy clean ups but tasty rosemary sesame bread

So I told you what my favorite part of cooking is, the worst is obvious: 

The ideal goal is to have someone (hint, hint) help with prep so you can wash at the same time. Over the Memorial Day weekend, I'll rustle up a few more good kitchen recipes.

Along with Mango Salsa last night, I made this Rosemary Sesame Seed Bread.

It's only four ingredients: yeast, olive oil, flour, water. Made fresh with no preservatives, the bread should be sliced and frozen or refrigerated for 1-2 days within baking. I bet you'll find it hard not to eat it with double tomato sandwiches or french toast!

After my farmer's market trip tomorrow, I'll do some other variations with wheat, soy and almond flours and discuss the process. I'm definitely going to make a raisin-cinnamon swirl (thanks Stacy for the idea).

Making bread is no where near as difficult as imagined - more on that after the weekend. I used to think my grandmother's rolls were so tasty in part because of the giant green tupperware bowl she used to let the dough rise. It even has a lid. I know my dad gets frustrated because I'm not too fond of collecting "stuff" or saving things from our family. 

I do, however, lay claim to the green bowl (and at least a copy of all Grandma E's recipes). I think the real mystery is how four (or so) ingredients can create such a treat.

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